Mission Statement

Jubilee University, an institution of biblical higher education, equips students with academic and practical skills, deep theological understanding, and helps fuel a passion for God and ministry that results in a more fruitful life of service to churches, ministries, and to making disciples of all nations.

Institutional Goals

As a result of studying at Jubilee University, students will develop:

Behind Our Mission

Our mission statement evolved from a prayerful process of collaboration and consultation and is intended to serve as a guide for everyone at Jubilee University, from our board of directors, to our staff and students. It is reflected everywhere, from our strategic and institutional planning to our program and student learning objectives.

The Meaning of Jubilee

'Jubilee,' biblically speaking, is the year of freedom and liberation for the believers of God. For all those in debt, imprisoned, in suffering, and weary, this is the declaration of freedom to them. We are the ones that are imprisoned by our sinful nature, and confined by our pasts. Jesus Christ, the Lord of the Sabbath, came to us declaring the true peace and rest of God for all people.

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