Undergraduate degree program is designer to challenge students to achive the hightest artistic standards in their chosen field of music study, while cultivating their spiritual develpment. The program's medley of general, theological, and

Graduate Degree Programs

A two-and-a-half graduate degree program that trains students as professional musicians and music scholars with a solid biblical foundation. The program provides students with the academic and practical training necessary for them to become

International Students

International applicants are strongly encouraged to submit therit applications at lease six months prior to the term in which they intend to enroll

Ministry Service

Students learn what it takes to exel in both real-world ministry experience and in the classroom.

Music Hub

Jubilee University campus location serves as a music hub for inspiring Christian students.

University Life

Experience college life with on-sire residential housing and activites across campus.

Graduate Program

Take your education to the next level with Master's degrees and graduate programs.