Student Learning Objectives

Jubilee’s core student learning objectives are desired learning outcomes expected of every Jubilee graduate regardless of program area. They describe core skills and abilities our graduates need to succeed in the professional world, and in a world that demands continuous learning– skills like critical thinking, problem solving, writing, speaking, and the ability to do information research and use technology. Jubilee’s curriculums are intentionally developed to foster achievement of these outcomes in all of our students.

Each program at Jubilee, including Jubilee’s graduate programs, describe what graduates of their particular programs or program areas will be able to do as a result of learning experiences within their programs. They intentionally flow, and often overlap with core (university-wide) outcomes to some extent. When that is the case, program-specific outcomes typically require the student to demonstrate higher levels of competency in a particular outcome, or performance of the outcome in a context unique to that discipline. The following is a description of Jubilee’s core learning outcomes expected of every Jubilee graduate regardless of program area.

Spiritual & Evangelistic Growth (se)

Since Jubilee University is a biblical institution centered on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our educational outcomes include Spiritual and Evangelistic Growth. Therefore, Jubilee University will enable students to:

se1: Develop habits of personal and corporate worship
se2: Learn the importance and power of personal and corporate prayer.
se3: Examine the history of evangelism and the Church and its traditions.
se4: Understand the power of a personal testimony.
se5: Learn Scriptures that will help verbally articulate the Christian faith.
se6: Communicate the Christian message in word and deed.

Biblical Competence (bc)

Since Jubilee University is a biblical institution of higher education, our educational outcomes include Biblical Competence. Therefore, Jubilee University will ensure students attain:

bc1: A basic understanding of Biblical facts and principles.
bc2: An ability to inductively and methodically study Scripture.
bc3: An understanding of the culture(s) in which the scriptures were written and the importance of context to proper understanding.
bc4: An overt understanding of the Christian worldview and its juxtaposition to other worldviews.
bc5: The ability to relate Biblical principles to life situations

Academic Excellence (ae)

Since Jubilee University is an institution of higher education training scholars and leaders, our educational outcomes include Academic Excellence. Therefore, Jubilee University will enable students to:

ae1: Acquire basic knowledge in a broad base of subjects.
ae2: Conduct in depth study in areas of special interest or giftedness.
ae3: Establish patterns of clear and logical thought that recognize the effect of unexamined prepositions.
ae4: Learn to effectively communicate thoughts and ideas.
ae5: Develop methods of study and research that lead to lifelong learning.

Emotional-Social Development (es)

Since Jubilee University is a Christian community with a world mission focus, our educational outcomes include Emotional-Social Development. Therefore, Jubilee University will enable students to:

es1: Learn to recognize and apply one’s unique academic, social, and spiritual gifts.
es2: Gain an understanding and appreciation of the differences of others.
es3: Learn to lovingly and effectively communicate with those of differing world views.
es4: Recognize the importance of self-discipline and service.

Ministry Impact (mi)

Since Jubilee University is committed to training ministry-bound men and women for Christian mission, our educational outcomes include Ministry Impact. Therefore, Jubilee will enable students to:

mi1: Apply Biblical principles to real life problems.
mi2: Explore and develop areas of giftedness through Christian Service.
mi3: Apply the knowledge gained to life ministry through targeted internships.

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