Living on Campus

Jubilee University’s buildings and campus grounds are located in a historic district at 1880 Washington Avenue in Lexington, Missouri, just outside Kansas City. The 43.07 acre campus consists of many different types of buildings totaling over 210,000 square feet, constructed between the 1830s and early 2000s.

People on campus have convenient access to services in Lexington, including parks, banks, libraries, restaurants, healthcare and more. The University’s three dormitories are located on campus, where students can enjoy the changing seasons, nature and wildlife along the Missouri River, and are located within walking distance to all campus facilities, including classrooms and student services.

Additionally, the campus features many athletic and recreational facilities such as football fields, indoor and outdoor running tracks, soccer fields, tennis courts, beach volleyball court, an obstacle course and a rappel tower. This is in addition to a 25 yard indoor swimming pool, indoor basketball, volleyball and squash courts, wrestling hall and gym.

1880 Washington Ave, Lexington, MO 64067

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