Press Release: Jubilee University Welcomes Town At First ‘Meet & Greet’

Lexington – On Saturday, October 10, Jubilee University invited neighbors and friends to a two-hour “Meet & Greet,” which was the university’s first public event since its parent organization Jubilee World purchased the former Wentworth Military Academy campus in Lexington, Missouri, in late June. Despite the ongoing pandemic, the event drew a larger-than-expected crowd and was divided into two parts, the first hour featuring speakers and presentations and the second half featuring live music by Jubilee World singers and musicians.

Kicking off in a beautiful autumn setting, the first half of the event featured speakers from Jubilee University as well as its parent organization Jubilee World who shared the history, mission, and vision of the two organizations and how they are partnering to make the university start successful.

Following the presentations, the Mayor of Lexington, Joe Aull, shared a word of blessing for the university and informed visitors how the university and city are looking to work together going forward. The first half of the program was concluded by local pastor Rev. Devasahayam Gudime, who prayed for the leadership of the university and the city as well as all future activities taking place at Jubilee university.

During a brief intermission, visitors were able to mingle freely and meet university leaders and staff to get to know each other and ask questions and share concerns. The second half of the program then followed with a diverse selection of live music by singers and musicians from Jubilee World, showcasing to an extent how the university will help spread church music and shape future generations of ministers.

The event abided by all local and national guidance regarding face coverings as well as social distancing and disinfection, featuring a strict face mask requirement, spaced-out seating, and hand-sanitizer available to all visitors.


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