Jubilee University to Build the University Library with Music Speciality Function

Jubilee University received the professional advice by the librarian for the Lecture Hall & Library building to establish the University library. At the current existing bookshelves that are already setup at the library, it’s expected that upto 20,000 books can be furnished with the possible capacity to add more bookselves and books.

In addition, the music speciality function section can be added with the audio listening room, music technology computers including standard professional software for office applications, graphic design, music notation, digital music library, and other specialized music software packages.

Currently Jubilee Univerisity library has two spaces, a) the professional library room which can install the computer desks, and b) the lobby section with the surrounded bookshelves, reception desk, and more study desks. The designer of Jubilee University has offered up the interior design input and ideas to build up the university library as well.

Jubilee University is to develop and lay out the solid foundational plan to build up the functional and practical music library that can boost and enhance the study quality for the students.

1880 Washington Ave, Lexington, MO 64067

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