Jubilee University Holds Historic First Convocation, Welcoming 25 Students

On Thursday night, Jubilee University students, faculty, and staff assembled in the chapel to hold its very first convocation, welcoming 25 students across its institution, on campus as well as online. 

During the ceremony, the President of the institution, Mr. Marcus Lundin, gave a special convocation address, welcoming the 12 new students and 13 transfer online students encouraging them to seek the will of God and His vision for their lives as they pursue their degrees at Jubilee University. He also reiterated that faculty and staff are there to support the students every step of the way.

Chief Academic Officer Dr. Aria Reppert, who gave the invocation prayer, shared her reflection, “Marking the start of the JU campus’ academic year with the convocation was very meaningful. Recently, during student counseling and in serving as an academic advisor I learned many things in many different areas that go beyond academics, including admissions and administration.”

She said, “To reach this milestone, JU staff worked together diligently. The beginning may be like a mustard seed, but I believe this branch will grow bigger and become a place where many people can come and rest.”

“Recently, I realized education is actually about care and service. Therefore, I am enjoying this work with a joyful heart.” She reflected, “I believe that God will lead us when we humble ourselves and ask God to help us serve the students and love the school with a joyful and thankful heart. I hope more students may come and praise God and feel this joy together with JU!”

Jubilee University was especially grateful for the assistance of Jubilee World who led attendees remotely in the opening and closing songs, as well as the special song “Heart of a Servant,” sung by Shawn Pang and accompanied on piano by Coco Chang.

Students joined the 2021 Convocation onsite as well as online from across the world, including from China, Brazil, Colombia, and Germany. Local leaders graciously helped translate the Convocation into local languages.

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