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Mission Statement

The mission of A. Merril Smoak, Jr. Library is to support the students in their biblically centered education, faculty in their instructional and research goals, and staff in their meaningful pursuit of knowledge. The Library provides onsite and virtual information resources and services, access to a collection of material in all formats, information literacy, and a learning environment necessary for the academic training of men and women for Christian ministry to fulfill the commission entrusted to Jubilee University by the Lord Jesus Christ.

Goals and Objectives

1. Select, maintain, and provide access to a collection of material in all formats that will support the curriculum and research pursuits of students and faculty.

a. Increase the electronic resources collection to meet the needs of distance learners.

b. Improve the physical and digital infrastructure to meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff and to maintain professional standards of library services.

2. Provide information literacy to enhance learning and critical thinking.

a. Develop a comprehensive library instruction and information literacy program.

b. Offer services that help students, faculty, and staff become effective users of the information resources available at the Library.

3. Promote the Library’s resources and services to the University community for meaningful pursuit of knowledge and activities.

a. Use various social media to publicize new and existing services and resources.

b. Use face-to-face, announcement boards, and other strategies to publicize new and existing services and resources.

4. Collect, preserve, and provide access to special collections to serve the research needs of students and faculty.

a. Collect theses and dissertations from the University to add to the Library’s collection.

b. Maintain and preserve the Merril Smoak Library collection and other appropriate collections from faculty.

5. Provide resource sharing through cooperative arrangements / consortia to ensure students and faculty have a wide range of resources available for scholarly and cultural pursuits.

a. Join cooperative agreements with institutions with a Christian focus.

b. Join consortia that would provide electronic resource sharing to reduce cost.

6. To have an appropriate sized staff to offer the level of service needed to meet the needs of the University community and beyond.

a. Maintain the growing electronic resources and provide technical assistance when needed.

b. Maintain level of service outside of the Library such as reciprocal borrowing arrangements due to resource sharing, cooperative agreements, and other ventures.

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