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Course Reserve

Finding Course Materials in the Library

Reserves are books and materials placed on non-circulating or short-term loan periods at an instructor’s request so that all students in the class may have an opportunity to read or review the material. Most of these materials are non-circulating and shelved in the class reserve area around the circulation desk. Members of the faculty, administration, or library staff can reserve the materials by completing the Instructor Course Reserve form.

The purpose of a reserve collection is to:

  1. Support the needs of a group of patrons. The group is usually a Jubilee class but may also be a special seminar or another unit within Jubilee University, such as a college;
  2. Provide timely, convenient, and efficient access to high-demand materials;
  3. Protect materials that are at a high risk of theft or vandalism.

Several of the general principles that govern the acquisition of materials for the A. Merril Smoak, Jr. Library system support the use of the material in the course reserve system. In particular:

  1. All collections in A. Merril Smoak, Jr. Library, regardless of format, are acquired by the University for nonprofit educational purposes by students, staff, faculty, and authorized users.
  2. All library materials are acquired with the understanding that there will be multiple uses made of the item.

The Library’s course reserve systems are a traditional library service that will be provided in a manner that respects the rights of copyright holders and the limitations to those rights as specified in current copyright law.

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